Enea brings to Vectorium a long history in both financial services and technology that qualifies him to spearhead applications of our enterprise. He has more than 20 years’ experience in Internet strategy development and large-scale project management for financial trading systems. He led Innovation Services for Sella Holdings (through a predecessor entity) from 2001. He has also worked to Co-thinking, a start-up focused on intellectual property and financial modeling using predictive algorithms. Enea has a bachelor’s degree in Social and Anthropological science from University of René Descartes, La Sorbonne, Paris.
Enea has spent his entire career in financial services and brings extensive experience investing in a wide range of industries across the capital spectrum.
He is President of Proinnova Org, a IP boutique firm he founded in 2010, and which holds an indirect interest in Intellectual Properties and Innovation Services (as one of its largest shareholders). Enea has been a member of the Board of Directors of BenediXit LTD since April 2017. Prior to BenediXit LTD, Enea acted as Senior Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking at the Unicredit Investment Group – Fineco Bank where he focused on providing a variety of financial, operating and advisory services for private customers and companies. Enea started his career as an investment banker and innovation manager at Sella Bank where he worked on several large leveraged buyout transactions.